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At the age of 48, I had 5 heart attacks and a mild stroke, transported to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital by Air Ambulance for a heart by-pass.

My arteries were able to be cleaned out, so no operation was done. However, 10 years later at aged 58, the arteries became blocked again and having tests done by a Cardiologist showed a positive result. I was then sent to a Radiology centre for another test, and while having to wait weeks for the test, a miracle happened… the arteries unblocked themselves.

I realised how lucky I have been, proved that heart patients can have a second chance at life. I, being so thankful, wanted to do something for other people. I quickly realised that cancer patients were no so lucky as me, so I phoned my friends asking them to throw a ball of wool into their shopping trolley each time they went shopping, This happened, starting the Hope Bears Charity.

I advertised for volunteers and the response was huge. The charity was in full swing and ready for local hospitals. In no time, we were able to start sending Hope Bears to other hospitals. We are now supplying over 40 hospitals & 4 Ronald McDonald Houses.

We now have 12 coordinators who have formed a branch in their area and conducting the Hope Bears Charity in their areas, also one sub-branch in Newcastle. Branches range from Eden in the south, to Lismore in the north and Bathurst in the west.

Also, a coordinator who lives in a nursing home in the Coffs Harbour area conducting a Rehabilitation Programme with patients in the nursing home, with patients up to 94 years of age.

I am delighted to say that our motto “Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible” is working, bringing hope to those wonderful cancer patients even in other states of Australia.

I have been told of one young man even returning back to work.

People receiving the Hope Bears give their new friend a name, their teddy is always at their bedside, giving them comfort, joy & love.

This charity is a multi-award winning charity, and the awards are owned by all the volunteers who are helping the charity show these wonderful cancer patients that someone cares, even though we don’t know them.

Thanking you for your support in this most needed & worthy charity

The Founder
Ms. Frances Robinson JP.

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